Now Plastic Manufacturing on the Rise in China

Cnmoulding plastic mould factory and injection molded plastic products maker in China. Manufactures and exports quality OEM plastic injection molding parts and plastic moulds for injection molding &mould making

The world of plastic products manufacturing has come a long way since the 1860s — and rapidly growing companies like CN-MOULDING are proof. While John Wesley Hyatt may not have realized it when he first experimented with cellulose nitrate in the late 1800s, the substance he discovered has since become a major part of everyday life in the China.

“Today’s plastics are one of the most used materials on a volume basis in China. industrial and commercial life,” says “(They are) broadly integrated into today’s lifestyle and make a major, irreplaceable contribution to virtually all product areas.”

The two main types of plastics are thermoplastics and thermosets, the first of which is used to create many of the most common industrial, consumer and commercial products on the market today. What turns the plastic into a useful product is a process called injection molding, a high-production process originally launched in the late 1940s by American inventor James Watson Hendry.

Here’s how injection molding works: manufacturers inject the thermoplastic into a mold where it can set and form into the size and shape desired. While the process is fairly simple in concept, it offers a wide range of advantages, like higher production rates, lowered labor costs and reduced waste. And today’s businesses are increasingly moving their injection molding back to the China, to companies like CN-MOULDING, to experience further benefits like lowered freight costs, faster turnaround times, easier face-to-face meetings and quicker access to inventory. Choosing to do plastic products manufacturing within the China. means freed-up resources, lower lag times, and more convenience when making product adjustments or changes.

“CN-MOULDING plastic products manufacturing provides all kinds of benefits to world companies,” said Kenny Han, a vice president at CN-MOULDING. “It’s much simpler to communicate, make changes, view samples and so on — not to mention cheaper and more efficient in the process.”

This increasing push for onshoring shows that China plastic products manufacturing is booming — and there are other evidences in place, too. Injection molding and 3D printing is a hot trend in the plastics industry today, being used for everything from military equipment to medical devices. Network World says 3D printing is “the hottest new technology on the IT landscape,” offering further proof that China plastic manufacturing continues to grow.




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