Injection mould Influence of injection molding production

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<p>Mold because it can duplicate the production structure and shape of complex products, but also has high production efficiency, part shape and uniform size, high precision parts, bulk and low cost, so the mold has become a manufacturing cost-efficient production of important technical support , a national mold industry level has become an important measure of the level of its manufacturing standards. Meanwhile, the main factors affecting the quality of mold is product quality.</p> <p>Injection mold injection products processing as the most important molding equipment, its quality is directly related to the merits of the merits of product quality. Moreover, since a large proportion of injection molding mold occupy in production costs, which is about the life of a direct injection products cost. Therefore, improving the quality of injection molds, and maintenance and repair, extended its life cycle, are injection molding production cost reduction and efficiency an important issue. Meanwhile, the mold structure for injection molding equipment and raw material costs are also closely linked.</p> <p>Second, the impact of injection mold production</p> <p>Injection molds for<a href=""> injection molding</a> have a huge impact, mainly reflected in the following aspects</p> <p>1. Select the injection molding machine for injection molding machines and die because of limitations related parameters, a type of injection molding machine die size allows installation there is a certain range, that is when mold making good, the corresponding minimum machine it has been determined. This ensures that companies supporting the injection molding machine, otherwise, it is possible to increase the injection molding machine models, will inevitably result in the waste of the machine.</p> <p>2. Requirements of the mold temperature requirements of the injection facilities, may require mold temperature water connector specification, the number of groups waterway wire connection method</p> <p>Requirements 3. Injection environmental impact of the product because the material, accuracy requirements, may be required injection ambient temperature and humidity</p> <p>4. Product quality and product quality is at least 70% of the factors in the mold, for high-precision injection molding machine, mold influence more prominent. For the appearance of the product surface, surface striae striae mainly to see the effect of the mold, glossy, mirror, etc. mainly to see the quality of the mold cavity surface polishing. For products of non-appearance of the surface, the mold surface quality can be directly reflected in the surface roughness of the product for the product dimensions, in addition to affecting the product shrinkage and the injection molding process, the most direct impact is mold dimensional accuracy. The higher precision die size, dimensional accuracy is also higher. Produce many other plastic product defects, mold factor occupies a large proportion. See the narrative below.</p> <p>5. molding cycle mold design, for gate location, etc waterway layout will affect the production of the injection molding cycle. Short molding cycle, direct injection to enhance production efficiency and capacity of injection molding machines, but also means lower production costs.</p> <p>6. Raw Material - production costs (waste) design mold runner system, will affect the injection of waste generated is gram weight, these wastes actually increase the cost of production.</p> <p>7. The degree of automation of production mold design, injection molding automation need to be considered to achieve, such as the top of the well, no post-processing, production of stable quality and risk-free. If the mold can not meet the requirements, it must have an operator for the production, which is bound to increase in labor costs, and increase the instability of product quality.</p> <p>8. After processing reasonable mold design, product to meet the requirements, there is no need post-processing, such as repair flash, cut the gate, orthopedic, all seized</p>




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